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In celebration of the 48th UAE National Day
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Welcome to Namshi the online shop with shopping destination guarantee, where we want to offer you the best experiences you can combine with shopping. Experience this feeling with your friends, relatives and partner, so don’t wait any longer and tell all your contacts about us. Via Shoppingrockstarz you will be forwarded directly to Namshi and you can choose your favourite pieces neatly and according to your taste. We have everything your heart desires for women, men and children, so women who want to increase their attractiveness, attract men into their spell, collect fashion points with the right outfit, etc. We take the saying “Clothes make people” very seriously. If you now think that the right outfit is equal, then we can calm you down. If you are unsure, you can read our recommendations.

A simple filter function helps you choose your dream outfit. Don’t wait any longer and start your personal shopping destination. With pride we can announce that we will go some exciting adventures Namhsi together with you. Stylish men and designers have long since recognised that the topic of men’s fashion is in no way inferior to that of women. Accordingly, there are now numerous looks – from casual to streetwear to business outfits. Be inspired by the numerous master pieces from the field of men’s clothing and create your individual style from men’s jeans, shirts or shirts, cool boots or sporty sneakers for men. Then round off your outfit with a casual jacket for men, or a casual coat and the matching masculine men’s accessories. You choose your menswear – Namshi with the support of shoppingrockstarz takes care of the rest! First-class fashion garments with selected fine complements project your inner self outwards.


The Kingdom of the Sun is a place full of possibilities, a land where the sun always shines and people go their way with energy in their hearts. Namshi UAE offers you a world of shopping. In the Categegorie New Arivals you will find new products selected by our purchasing experts from all over the world. They serve the inspiration and thus the extension of your shopping horizon. Let yourself be inspired by the offers and a very good price-performance ratio. Who can say no ? But we’re going to go one better. There are 11 more categories waiting for you with a guarantee of success. The next category we would like to introduce to you is the Clothing category. Here are some under categories like Arabian clothing. Every culture has its own orientation and since Dubai, for example, is a country with a large share of tourists, tastes from all over the world harmonize here. Have you become curious? Then come and visit us now Namshi Duabi. Another category of clothing is the Cardigans & sweaters selection. For cosy evenings and days without constraints the sweaters are perfect. You want something more extra class ? Then flatter your body with the right dresses, which are also here with us a subcategory. We do not give up on you as our main customer to win and would like to offer you even more and more.

You wish for a first-class outfit from the men’s clothing à la urban chic? Then combine a casual men’s tube with an oversized sweater, booties and a leather jacket or a masculine men’s cardigan. For sporty looks, a casual men’s t-shirt or a sporty tank top, as well as hoodies, are the right choice. A generous range of men’s sweatshirts and sneakers skilfully rounds off the range of men’s sportswear. On the other hand, you prefer the elegant business look? Then you’ll find luxurious shirts, suits and jackets that combine perfectly with chinos or casual men’s jeans – for the desired break in style. If you also choose an extravagant chronograph, your men’s clothing for the next business dinner is definitely “up to date”! Numerous radiant highlights of hip labels are waiting to be discovered by you!


You are looking for Namshi Dubai and want to meet your requirements ? Guess where you are at the right address! Right with us. Let yourself be captivated by another subcategory: Hoodies & sweatshirts. But the fun doesn’t end there, that’s just the beginning. With the following subcategory we make the hearts of our customers beat faster. The jackets & coats can easily be combined with your daily outfit and speak for themselves. We only take selected products into our assortment. Convince yourself, we can only give you our recommendations, you have to decide for yourself. We live in a free and flourishing world with so much potential. Profit from this world in Namshi Duabi and be a part of it. There is a saying that either you go with the time or YOU go with the time.

The fashion world is her own and this can be illustrated by the following example. A few fashion elements will not leave the fashion era so quickly, which is also another subcategory of us. Jeans used to be a sign of the working class. At that time, trousers had to withstand great strain and were automatically associated with heavy physical work. Now the jeans speaks for the self-confident way in which every person is dressed with patterns, sometimes with holes, sometimes tight on the legs or loose. Please imagine the following scenario. You come to your home after a long day and a jumpsuit is waiting in your wardrobe. And not just any jumpsuit, it is your own and is waiting joyfully for you. Explore one of our other categories und zwar die Jumpsuits & playsuits mit Namshi Dubai

Casual leather jackets – available in smooth or suede and fake leather on request – and jeans in a used look provide rocky accents in today’s menswear. Of course, the fashion-conscious gentleman also wants to be very well dressed underneath: from hip undershirts that cut a good figure in daylight à la casual to stylish and yet comfortable underpants, there is the right men’s underwear for every taste. The exciting range of men’s clothing is rounded off with men’s swimwear, classic costume fashion, men’s shoes and a men’s SALE for bargain hunters. You choose your new favourite look – Namshi delivers your new menswear free of charge to your own home.


With the namshi coupon code you have the possibility to get your favourite songs as a present. Of course you would be even more happy if we would give you your favorites. We would also like to give you our products, but we have fantastic people with whom we want to meet your requirements and they deserve to be rewarded appropriately. You want fast shipping ? Gladly, only for this we need financial means to be able to pay for storage space. The list is long, only what counts is that you are our highest priority and we give everything to make you happy. Do you sometimes have cold feet, or would you like to have unique specimens peek out of your shoes? Then visit our Socks & hosiery subcategory. With the namshi coupon code you have come to the right place. Every day counts, as well as every night and so welcome to the Nightwear subcategory. They provide the extra comfort. The situation when jeand rings at your front door and you don’t want to venture to the door in your previous nightwear is over.

Do the summer of the year justice and get your shorts with support from namshi and best greetings from the shoppingrockstarz team.Fitness is not just sport. It has developed into a lifestyle of the upper class and we are happy to oppose this development with open arms and a subsequent hug. Now visit the sportswear subcategory of namshi. In addition you should not forget that you can always contact us with further questions and wishes. A holiday without the Swimwear & beachwear Kaegorie is only half a holiday. Shop happily now and don’t miss any news.