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For decades, the brand name has been synonymous with style, elegance and quality. The Paris jeweller has long been one of the most prestigious houses in Europe and has been coveted by all those who value true luxury and an eye for detail in their timepieces. Today, the outstanding reputation continues in every model.

The first – Louis-François – developed his watch workshop in Paris in 1847 during the height of the revolution. The company has been family-owned for 125 years and first bequeathed it to the founder’s son, Alfred, and then at the beginning of the 20th century to his grandsons, Louis, Pierre and Jacques. However, it was Louis who established the brand’s exceptional rum. With his innovations and stylish designs, he created a name that was soon on everyone’s lips – whether in high society or in the nobility. King Edward VII christened the brand the “Jewellery of Kings, King of Jewellery”. Louis groundbreaking ideas included novelties such as the use of platinum and jewellery, stunning “mystery” watches that seemed to work through magic, and a particularly water-repellent model that the Pasha of Marrakech wore while swimming. The “tank” design, inspired by the new vehicles seized on the western front at the beginning of the 20th century, remains a design icon today. However, the greatest milestone in the history of watchmaking is the introduction of the idea of wearing watches on the wrist all day long. The first widely used wristwatch was designed by Louis Cartier for a friend, the pilot Albert Santos-Dumont, whose popularity and reputation continued the trend. After Louis’ death in 1942, Cartier expanded its reputation as the “King of Jewellers” by presenting new luxury watches: From the remarkable Baignoire, Panthère and Roadster to more recent concepts such as the Balloon Bleu and Calibre de Cartier. With the jump to the USA, he also won the stars from Broadway and Hollywood as customers. After the death of the founders, the label got into a crisis and finally split into several parts. In the mid-seventies, however, the reunification succeeded under the name “Cartier Monde” and with the recollection of the original values of the one-sided family business, success returns.