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Welcome to Bath and Body works the provider for BODY CARE, HAND SOAPS and HOME FRAGRANCE with attractive fragrances that will make your heart beat faster and rightly so, because we want to improve your shopping experience by 100 percent and take it to a new level.

On our site in cooperation with us Shoppingrockstarz you can have a look at an overview from All Fragrance and experiment with your desires. Spray for joy with our Body Sprays & Mists from Bath and Body works and sore for a completely new atmosphere in your room, which makes sure that your guests and friends don’t want to leave the room unless you force them to. Nothing is more seductive than a beguiling perfume, because statistics prove that people feel much more comfortable in a room where there is a pleasant fragrance in the room with the Perfume & Cologne categories.

Take a look at our COLLECTIONS and shop with the best offers and a top price-performance ratio, plus these great collections: Gingham, Aromatherapy, Men’s Body Care, CocoShea, Dark Kiss and In The Stars. You deserve to be happy like everyone else in the world and that’s what we want to offer you.


Feel pure with our top products from Bath and Body Works Dubai with BATH & SHOWER and feel the fresh skin feeling, which you experience after every shower as well as with the Body Wash & Shower Gel. Take care of the biggest bubble bath with super scents and a bubble bath where you get lost. Your hair deserves the best and with our Hair Care you’ll get silky shiny hair and a magical fragrance, plus our Bath Accessories that let this bathing experience shoot up as well as with the MOISTURIZERS. When you start the day you can do your skin a favor and pamper it with the right care and get it ready for the day. The skin is exposed to many stress situations in our everyday life, is strained and dries out quickly and this also promotes the formation of wrinkles. Make sure this doesn’t happen with the best Body Lotion from Bath and Body Works Dubai and the Body Cream especially for you.

For tense muscles after a strenuous day or for more intimate moments, our Body & Massage Oils are ideal. They not only smell very good, but also help you to walk through the day with a smile. With our hands it is also the case that they dry out quickly through frequent hand washing, and since they are generally always used in everyday life. Take care with the hand care that they are always beautifully supple and make a neat impression. With a dry face the fun stops and against it we would like to proceed with our Face Care of Bath and Body Works Dubai for a better well-being.


With Bath and Body Works UAE you have the right contact when it comes to HAND SOAPS OFFERS, with top offers like AED 15 Hand Soaps, or Buy 1 Get 1 Pocket. Sanitizers & Holders can also be found here as well as HAND SOAPS for very good hand hygiene, so check out all the All Hand Soaps and choose your favorite product, as well as Foaming Soaps, Exfoliating Soaps, Nourishing Soaps and beautiful Soap Holders. At BATH AND BODY WORKS SALE UAE we also have products for you that make your home even more beautiful and make you feel even more comfortable, because your home is your palace.

Check out All Candles with the 3-Wick Candles, Single Wick Candles and the attractive Candle Holders. When there’s freshness in the air, you’ve won and you can do that here with the FRESHENERS, so shop All Wallflowers, Wallflowers Plugs, Wallflowers Refills, Room Sprays & Mists and Scentportables now.